lördag 12 september 2009

finally some true progress


moment of truth..
the long awaited update, sorry for being such a slowpoke but ive been busy as never before.

i have taken some pics wich i wanted to show for you true believers.
first of if from a battle (!!! yes, i have even played a game of 40k though i prefer the painting/assembling part of the hobby!!!)

the pictures show a battle between the mighty imperium (marines/guards) against the filthy orks..
steel legion (guard) is my "speed painting" project so the painting aint that great, yet it looks pretty cool.
The black templars is also mine, my own pride in the collection..

The red/black marines is played and owned by dennis.
and the orks are all painted up and owned by Mathias AKA, "Swing"

the terrain on the board and the board itself is a WIP project.

the pics...

and some pic of the templars that are finished...

the chaplain won a local painting competition at my hobby store.
the theme was "on foot".

its beatyful.

måndag 31 augusti 2009


this is it, i really have to start writing and posting pics here again.

just been so buried in work i have forgotten of "the quest"

ill post more work in a very near future!

ill post some pics on every finished unit perhaps?..

keep your eyes open for more black templars here at my blog soon.


fredag 29 maj 2009

some progress

so... its been some time ago i posted something here.

Im going to tell you whats been done here at my painting station.

ive succesfully painted and converted a telion thingy...
just a simple headswap but it came out pretty nice.
its completely done.

i have also completed the painting on a terminator chaplain.
it came out super nice. it made me proud ^^

The tactical squad from black reach is done.
(i disliked those models alot!) so thats a boulder taken of from my shoulders.

A whirlwind is in progress, just the painting of the Rhinopart is left.
Shouldnt be much of a problem finishing it the next week.

so, i will get you guys some pics later today i think.
maybe some of the marines finished..?


tisdag 28 april 2009


i had a few minutes to spare when i got the idea to check my blog.

i just wanted to say that comments and followers are more than welcome.
it feels great when a new follower has joined me and it makes me glad to keep on painting and getting things done just so i can post some pics of my progress.

thank you for joining to those who have joined and thank you for the comments.
keep on comment and i will continue my quest.


torsdag 16 april 2009

Its all about workingspace

Hi, i wanted to post some pics of my paintingstation and some of my displayboxes.

i thought it could be nice to show you all where the magic comes from (other than from my brushes) this is where ALL my painting and gluing takes place =)

I must say that it looks like a comet smashed my entire working area... (i cleaned it up just before i took the pic late last night though)... as you might see, the two topp shelfes in the displayboxes contains my black templars. they are allmost finished apart from some minor details like writings on the purity seals and such..

this is where the templars stands at the moment but dont worry, i got a wardrobe
full of unpainted and nonglued marines... maybe i shall take a pic on all undone stuffs that will be recruited as black templars someday, just so you guys understand how much work i have left. ;)

Oh yeah!! allmost forgot! the topp pic is my WIP dread, he is allmost finished. Just a little details like writings on some purityseals and parchment and the base is about to be painted to.

... Yes, it is the "Black reach" dreadnought.. kind of nice painting on it if i may say so.

Next posting will be some pics of "The allmighty wardrobe containing the darkest secrets of the recruiting systems of the black templars" I can imagine all the "Whoa´s" and all the jawdroppings out there when you read this. But do not fear, its perfectly safe, ive been in there alot of times. so... ´til next time.

let the brush show you the way and be carefull when eating fishfingers... They might get stuck in your throat if you dont chew them.

lördag 14 mars 2009

tasty predator

oh yeah, finished a predator destructor a few days back and i thought i would share you some pics =)

i must say that i love painting panels and lenses =) the interior of the rhino chassi kicks ass!!! =D
a three part painting can really make a lense look shiny ^^
i think i will give you a "how to" tutorial someday but now you just have to look at some rally tasty looking pics
and once again, im not vary great at taking pictures.
wonder if it is my damn camera just being crap or me being a bad photographer?...
anyway, hope you like my predator.

comments are more than welcome =)

torsdag 19 februari 2009

first pics =)

so.. i bought myself a camera.
first pics is here of my black templars, maybe not the best shots ever made but who gives a rats a** anyway!? ;)
today im posting pics of my resently finished captain (made from the assault on black reach set) and my first of three land speeders.